Rustic Cowboy Residential Design

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Style: Old World Rustic

More Information: Rustic Cowboy Residential Interior Designrustic cowboy

For this space, we wanted our clients to feel both at home and like they were living their dreams. So we incorporated their tastes and lifestyle choices into this beautiful turn-key style home, integrating rustic touches and refined elegance to give their home definition and character.

Incorporating cowboy-style details like cow hides and furs added to their home’s rustic appeal, especially in the living room. We used a combination of embossed leathers, woven fabrics, and western prints in order to give an old world feel to this modern household. Plus, we added distressed woods and bold colors like dark red and chocolate brown. Putting it all together, we had a room with an updated yet rural feel that incorporated the western items the clients already possessed.

For the surrounding spaces, rich textures and classic lines were a must. We wanted the home to have a formal feel for visitors and so we used the nearby spaces to add some luxury materials like silk, crushed velvet, and chenille. We matched these textures with gold gilded furnishings and two-toned wood inlays, then used silver decanters and elegant sculptures as some of the accents for the room. With a few touches of burgundy to the already western motif, a breathtaking space was created.

Our overall goal for the home was a rustic yet comfortable space incorporating elegant accessories and details to showcase the clients’ unique personalities and interests, thus creating a perfect place to call home. In this, I believe we succeeded.

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